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Sea urchin basic knowledge


・ 900 kinds inhabit the world (16 kinds are targeted for fishery)
・ 180 kinds inhabit Japan (7 kinds are targeted for fishery)

: The ocean current that ezo-bafun uni and kita-murasaki uni inhabit.
The region where the warm water Tsushima Current meets with the cold Chishima current (oyashio) and the Riman current.

: The ocean current that bafun uni, murasaki uni, aka uni and shirahige uni inhabit.
The region where the warm water Tsushima Current and Japan current( kuroshio ) meet.

: America ookita-murasaki uni (red), America murasaki-uni(purple)
The cold California Current (from California to Mexico)
The warm Alaska current (from Canada to Alaska)

: Hokuyo oobafun-uni (green)
The region that the cold Labrador Current flows through landside, and the warm gulf stream current flows through to the open sea side.
The warm Alaska current (from Washington to Alaska)
: Chile uni The cold region of the Peru Current.

*The edible portion of the sea urchin is the reproductive parts

There are five pieces of uni in both male and female urchins and it is hard to distinguish the difference.
One way to distinguish the difference is by size, the male pieces are bigger but this too is difficult. The quality is graded based on the color, size and firmness of the uni. It is easy to determine when spawning season starts, the quality will be lower as the uni becomes softer and the white and orange reproductive sperm will be visible on the uni.
・There is the beautiful mouth of the urchin which is made from five small jaw bones called Aristotles lantern.
・There is hole for waste removal in the top of the shell with five small holes around it, from where the eggs and sperm are released.
Throughout the world, 70,000-90,000 tons / year (Last 25 years).
There has been a 60% decrease in landings in Japan since its heyday in 1982.
Also an 80% decrease in landings in America since its heyday in 1988.
Total landing for 2013
1st - Chile   
2nd - Russia
3rd - Japan  
4th - China
5th - United States
6th - Canada
7th - Mexico



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